Rivotril 2mg Benefits, Usage, Side Effect and Price

Rivotril 2mg Benefits, Usage, Side Effect and Price

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Rivotril 2mg: Perks, Use of, Side Effects, and Price in Pakistan


Rivotril 2 mg is an antiepileptic that calms the brain and stops seizures in patients who suffer from epilepsy; it is also used to relieve anxiety symptoms in some patients. It belongs to the class of drugs genetic identity pharmanethistically known as benzodiazepines and it can be found in Pakistan as well. This paper will look at Rivotril 2mg, including its advantages, usage, and side effects, as well as its price for in Pakistan.


Such an article is an advice and not the practice of medicine and should be treated as such. If there are any health concerns that could be the result of your medication, please consult your doctor for further information.

Benefits of Rivotril 2mg

Anxiety Relief

The rizival 2th tablet take patient’s suffering from anxiety disorders out of misery and improve their quality of life by reducing anxiety symptoms like insomnia, excessive worrying, restlessness among others that have the tendency to alter their social interactions.

Seizure Control

Rivotril 2mg is also an analogue of benzodiazepines drug which is used for controlling the same in cases of epilepsy and reducing the frequency as well as severity of seizures in such patients.

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Usage of Rivotril 2mg


The domestic 2 mg of Rivotril satisfactory patients depends on their medical condition and response to therapy. Most cases of the drug is taken three times a day, either with foods or without it, as directed by the healthcare professional.


Rivotril tablets 2mg should be swallowed whole accompanied by at least one full glass of water. They should not be crushed or chewed.

The side effects of Rivotril 2 mg may be as follows.

Common Side Effects

Prominent side effects of 2mg Rivotril incorporate sleepiness, dizziness, and weakness which are usually transitory and subside as the body adapts to the medication.

Serious Side Effects

Various side effects of third class serious may occur, for example, memory loss or confusion, and surrounding allergic response such as the formation of hives, shortness of breath or swollen face, lips, tongue or throat. Attending to the side effect is a good practice and seeking medical advice immediately is advisable.

Price of Rivotril 2mg in Pakistan

Online Availability

Rivotril dosage 2mg is also available on the internet in Pakistan, where the price is from PKR 380.00 to PKR 750.00.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In terms of what is Rivotril 2mg used for?
    • Rivotril 2mg is employed in the patients who have anxiety disorder and seizures that are the part of the epilepsy disorder for the features management.
  2. How should Proectra 2mg be taken?
    • Rivotril 2 mg, therefore, should be taken as told by the healthcare provider, preferably, three times a day, either along with food or without food.
  3. What do the Rivotril 2mg common side effects include?
    • The most common adverse reactions like the drowsiness, dizziness or weakness are associated with this drug.
  4. What kind of severe side effects am I supposed to expect if I start taking Rivotril 2mg?
    • Within this context, a rare side effect spectrum can include memory issues, confusion, and some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  5. What is the place where the drug Rivotril 2mg is sold in Pakistan?
    • The brand name Rivotril 2mg can be purchased on the internet available for sale in Pakistan. The costs range from PKR 380 to PKR 750.