Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets Understanding Uses, Side Effects, and Price

Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets: Understanding Uses, Side Effects, and Price

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Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets: Cautions: Uses, side effects, and prices in Pakistan.


Deltacortril 5mg 1000 Tablets are a type of medication that is given to patients with inflammation, allergic reactions, skin problems or arthritis. Through this piece of writing we will explain the uses, drug interactions, and cost of Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets in Pakistan.

Uses of Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets

Allergic Reactions

Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets is resorted to patients to relieve allergic reactions as well as remedy itching, swelling, and redness conduction of symptoms.

Skin Conditions

The tablets similarily control a number of skin ailment for instance eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis gripped by inflammation by reducing it and enhancing recovery.


Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets are being taken for the alleviation of arthritis concern by reducing pain and inflammation of the affected joints.

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Side Effects of Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets

Common Side Effects

The adverse effects that are most likely to occur when using Deltacortril 5mg include headache, nausea, and sleeplessness.

Serious Side Effects

Limited cases of severe side effects, among others, are those that may bring signs of allergy, such as hives, breathing problems or swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. In case you find any side effects occurring, do consult your doctor/doctor at the earliest.

Price of Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets in Pakistan

Online Availability

Original cortisol Tablets (5mg) 1000 Tablets which is readable online in Pakistan are available on the market between PKR 1,400.00 and PKR 2,500.00 depending on the amount and the seller.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is intended function of a Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tab?
    • Deltacortril (5mg) 1000py (for stack) are used in the treatment of different types of inflammatory diseases, including the reactions of allergies, skin diseases and arthritis.
  2. What Should I know about a Deltercortil1000 tablets (5mg) side effects?
    • Most noticeable side effects for such medication includes headache muscle weakness. and insomnia.
  3. What are the serious side effects of Deltacortril, 5 mg, 1000 tablets?
    • However, severe but uncommon side effects may emerge in the form of symptoms of allergies.
  4. By what means do you have to use Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 Tablets?
    • The patient should follow the practice as the prescribing doctor said. Deltacortril (5mg) 1000 tablets should be taken as directed by a healthcare professional.
  5. Do you know exactly where I can buy the Deltacortril 5mg 1000 Tablets in Pakistan?
    • Delta cortril (5mg) 1000 tablets are on sale online in Pakistan with prices varying from PKRs from 1,400 to 2,500 and depending on seller and quantity.

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