Mirabet Tablets 25mg Benefits, Usage, Side Effect and Price

Mirabet Tablets 25mg Benefits, Usage, Side Effect and Price

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Mirabet Tablets 25mg: Benefits, Usages, Side Effects, and in Pakistan


Mirabet Tablets 0-50 are medications that are applied for the treatment of different inflammatory illnesses such as allergic reactions, skin disorders, and arthritis. Here in this article, we will explain about the advantages, applicability, side effects, and price range of Mirabet (25mg tablets) in Pakistan.

Benefits of Mirabet Tablets 25mg

Allergic Reactions

The Mirabet Tablets 25mg are indicated for allergic conditions and works in an ability to ease the itching, swelling and redness in the area.

Skin Conditions

Tablets, in addition to other skin disorders mentioned as eczema, psoriasis as well as dermatitis, can treat, among other things, by reducing swelling and promoting healing.


Mirabet tablets 25 mg are the disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs used in the management of arthritis, reduce the pain and inflammation in the affected joints.

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Usage of Mirabet Tablets 25mg


Dosage of Mirabet Tablets 25mg is considered in respect to the disease and reaction of the individual. It is administered by a competent healthcare professional as instructed.


This medicament should be swallow with a glass of water, not it should be crushed or chewed.

Side Effects of Mirabet Tablets 25mg

Common Side Effects

The most familiar side effects of Mirabet 25mg are a headache, a sense of nausea, and difficulty falling asleep.

Serious Side Effects

But in rare cases, the possible side effects may be serious, like signs of allergic reactions, for example swelling, hives, or difficulty to breathe or in the face, lips, tongue, or throat. To avoid this problem if ever it occurs, immediately seek medical treatment.

Price of Mirabet Tablets 25mg in Pakistan

Online Availability

Mirabet 25mg tablets can be purchased online way from around PKR 1,200.00 to PKR 2,000.00 and the amount of tablets and the particular seller shall determine the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Mirabet Tablets 25mg used for?
    • Mirabet Tablets 25mg are used for the treatment of various inflammatory conditions, including allergic reactions, skin conditions, and arthritis.
  2. What are the common side effects of Mirabet Tablets 25mg?
    • Common side effects include headache, nausea, and insomnia.
  3. What are the serious side effects of Mirabet Tablets 25mg?
    • Rare but serious side effects may include signs of an allergic reaction.
  4. How should Mirabet Tablets 25mg be taken?
    • Mirabet Tablets 25mg should be taken as directed by a healthcare professional.
  5. Where can I buy Mirabet Tablets 25mg in Pakistan?
    • Mirabet Tablets 25mg are available for purchase online in Pakistan, with prices ranging from PKR 1,200.00 to PKR 2,000.00, depending on the quantity and seller.

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